Knowledgelink Network FAQs
1. What does my Network subscription include?
Your subscription includes placement of your digital learning course (3 videos of your choosing) in the Network to gain visibility and interest from e-learning buyers throughout the world.

2. How do I access the Network? Can I see the Network before I sign up?
Once you’ve signed up for the Network and upload your sample content, you will receive login credentials to access the Network and review your course offering.

3. Do I have access to change or edit my sample course?
Absolutely.  You can make changes to your sample content at any time to help improve visibility by sending a request to your account manager.  Update the title, description, thumbnails, videos.... whatever it takes to look its best.

4. What category should I list my content in?
You may place your course within any category that is relevant to the content. If it fits within multiple categories, you can have it appear in up to three for better visibility.

5. Are there recommendations or guidelines for the videos I use in my sample course?

Our recommendation is to provide two or three segments of your course to deliver enough value that they would want the entire course. Those can be videos, tin can sessions or handouts.  If your course has fewer segments, but longer videos, you can provide a 7-10-minute snippet to pique the buyer’s interest. Videos should be in .mp4 or .mov format.

6. How can I make my videos stand out from other sellers?
Creatively designed course thumbnails are the best way to make your content stand out from others in the Network.  Make them speak to the value of your course.  Plus, the more valuable the video content, the more likely you are to attract a buyer.

7. How will I know who is viewing my content?
You will be provided a monthly report that will show you how many views your sample content has received.  You will also be notified each time a buyer makes a request for free deep links of your content.

8. Will I have any reporting statistics?
Yes, you will be provided a monthly report that will show you how many views your sample content has received.  You will also be notified each time a buyer makes a request for free deep links of your content.

9. How does a buyer request access to my videos if they want to use them?
Within your course page of the Network, there is a button to request free deep links to your content.  That request generates a sample link for the buyer that expires in 90 days.  We drip on the buyer creating a sense of urgency around the content and initiating a sales discussion on your content.

10. How do I get in touch with the buyer if they want to purchase my course?
Upon receiving a request to buy your content, we will coordinate a meeting with the content buyer for you to negotiate the enterprise license to your content.  We can advise you on pricing your content for enterprise and clarify the Knowledgelink delivery options.

11. How will I deliver my content to buyers?
You will deliver your content to the buyer in one of two ways.  If the buyer prefers to have links to your content so they can embed them within their existing LMS, then we will provide you a deep link dashboard to administer your content links for delivery to the buyer.  If the buyer prefers to send their users to your online portal, we will setup and brand your own Knowledgelink course site and assist with the delivery to the buyer.  

12. What should I charge for my course?
Determining the cost for your course depends on a couple different variables, including the amount of content and resources you have available and the amount of users the buyer would like licenses for.  If you have an 8-10 module course with about 20 hours of content, you could expect approximately $197 - $297 per user in retail sales.  When you calculate for enterprise buyers, they are expecting volume pricing, so you might offer 1000 annual licenses for that course for $30,000.  Your annual cost to deliver on Knowledgelink is between $2,400 - $4,800, depending on the requested delivery method.  

13. What is my ROI?
While there is no monetary cost to be in the Network, we understand your time is valuable and sometimes there are separate costs for you to produce new content for placement in the Network.  Given the enterprise reach of the Network and the visibility provided to buyers, it is well worth the investment to showcase your best digital content in the Network.  

14. Does Knowledgelink take a piece of my sale? How does Knowledgelink profit from the Knowledgelink Network?
We do not take any piece of the sale with the buyer.  We make our money when you need us to help facilitate the delivery of your content.  One requirement of the Network is that you either deliver your course content via Knowledgelink deep links, which start at $199/month, or a full Knowledgelink platform, which starts at $399/month.
15. What if I have more than one course?
You may post up to three courses for placement in the Network. Each course can appear in up to three relevant categories.  If you have more than three courses, contact your account manager to discuss the possibilities of adding more.

16. Who are some of the people that will be looking at my content? How many people will be looking at my content?
Because of our long history with delivering training solutions in the enterprise space, we have relationships with training departments at Fortune 500 companies across the world, as well as a significant reach into the entrepreneurial space with over 12,000 businesses across the world.
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