The Only Network That Builds Your Audience
Increase online course revenue 250% by doing this one thing.
We show you how in 4 easy steps.
It's called Enterprise Selling.
And you need to know what we've learned.
We polled hundreds of professional speakers, coaches, consultants and authors and one statistic blew us away.
Not bad, we thought.


That same group of knowledge experts had only generated on average $37,000 a year in online knowledge product revenue, selling mostly to small business and individual customers.  

That’s just over $3,000 a month in revenue.
Is it even worth it?

You will spend thousands of dollars to create online courses. Hundreds each month to market them. And all the while investing countless hours in growing a raving fan base to buy them.

For $3,000 a month. 
It just doesn’t add up!

That group of experts averages $129,000 a year in online knowledge product revenue.
Now we’re talking.
 That’s the power of Enterprise Selling.
And it can be the foundation for your online knowledge business. 

Convinced already? Awesome. 

Not sold yet? Watch our highest viewed video course
Enterprise Selling 2.0
Why does Enterprise Selling work?
You're a speaker, coach, consultant or trainer serving the corporate market and businesses pay you thousands to educate their employees in person.

But no matter what you do, your online knowledge products never seem to generate any meaningful revenue, let alone profits.

In this space, it's not as simple as 
Shoot video.  
Launch course. 
Sign up thousands with social and email.

The largest companies in the world are not subscribing to 
Brendon Burchard
Jeff Walker, Marie Forleo or Ramit Sethi courses.

Maybe at home...
 but definitely not for thousands of their employees.

And they don't look at email funnels and social ads to select the expert content that their jobs depend on!

Yet they are buying online knowledge products every day... 
and spending millions in budget on them.

So why aren't you getting any of that?  

Why don't you receive email requests to buy your courses?

If they don't know who you are...

You NEED Knowledgelink Network.
Corporate educators use Knowledgelink Network 
to preview expert content, 
try it with their users, 
and connect with the experts who play best with their users.
It's simple to get started, free to setup and you only pay us a flat monthly fee after a buyer purchases access to your content.
Who has the time and money to risk on building an online knowledge product? 

 Wouldn't it be better to market test your course before you make the full investment? 

That's the way it should work.

And that's how Knowledgelink Network does work!


 But if you're not convinced yet, read on to learn How It Works. 

The Knowledgelink Network
You have digital content that businesses may want.
Subscribe for FREE!

As the Network has grown, we are now able to offer this amazing service to experts at no charge. 

That's right! You get a user account on Knowledgelink and instant exposure to corporate educators for FREE.

We help buyers find great content like yours and facilitate the connection to you.  

Direct and with no revenue share.

Yeah, I did just say that. Now are you convinced?

If not, read on.

    We provide a functional network connecting buyers looking to distribute online education with the experts who are most qualified to produce it.
    Experts get their content in front of new buyers.  
    Buyers create best-of-breed courses for their users.
    Users get access to the best learning experience possible. 

    It's a win for everyone and that's what we want!
    So, are you really offering up big time Enterprise Buyers and warm introductions?
    Knowledgelink Knows Enterprise.
    And that means that our Network includes top learning executives at companies like Lincoln Financial, Bank of America, United Healthcare and global associations like AARP and EO.

    We also power companies who specialize in Content Aggregation. That means they will package your learning into larger bundles and distribute it to an even wider network of companies. 

    It’s an amazing channel to participate in!
    So, what's included in your FREE subscription?

    Hosting for up to 3 videos
    3 'Free Use' videos  for enterprise buyers to sample.

    Content Usage Reporting
    Live tracking on your videos and when they are viewed.

    Referral Reporting Dashboard
    So you know the moment someone requests your content.

    Success Multiplied
    Get help from our Network Success team at any time.

    Our Commitment To Your Success.
    We want all of our Network customers to get great value from their subscription. 

     Provide your market with the great content they want and you will become a category leader in no time.

    So, what are you waiting for? 

    Sign up for the network and you'll start playing in the same space 
    with the biggest buyers in the industry. 

    And that's only going to up your online knowledge game!

    Hear What Other Experts Are Saying...

    Richard T. Cleary
    President & CEO, FsEdNET

    "The Knowledgelink Network is the best of both worlds for an aggregator like me.  It provides an extensive enterprise audience for my industry content and makes subject matter experts' content instantly available for my use as well."  

    Donna Hanson
    Director, Prime Solutions Training & Consulting

    "Knowledelink provides a professional interface that enables us to have a consistent look and feel regardless of whom we are marketing the product."

    Sam Richter, CSP
    Founder, Know More! University Center

    "Knowledgelink serves their customers at a very high level and works with customers on feature improvements, as that goes a long way in loyalty and referrals."
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